How to get Netherite in Minecraft – crafting guide and tips


Want to upgrade your Minecraft diamond gear but still need the vital materials? Worry not, our guide is full of tips on how to get Netherite in Minecraft.

Before Minecraft released The Nether Update in 2020, diamonds were the strongest material in the game. Leather, iron, and gold paled in comparison to the strength, durability, and protection diamond gear provided.

That was until Netherite was introduced. A material that’s hard to obtain, and even harder to break, would replace diamond as the most precious resource.

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Not only did developers completely overhaul the Nether in Minecraft 1.16, but they also added Ancient Debris, a source of Netherite buried deep underneath the netherack floor.

Netherite armor in MinecraftMojang
The Nether has been given a new look in Minecraft with the addition of Netherite.

How to get Ancient Debris – step-by-step guide

  1. Go into the Nether with a Diamond Pickaxe
  2. Dig down between levels Y7 to Y16 (most players prefer Y12)
  3. Mine Netherack until you find ancient debris

Ancient Debris is completely surrounded by blocks on all sides so you won’t find any exposed pieces. This means you have to strip mine, often for several hundred blocks, in order to find any.

Luckily, Netherack is very easy to mine allowing players to walk forward without stopping to clear their path. Players will need to find four Ancient Debris in order to make a single Netherite Ingot.

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finding ancient debris in minecraftAncient Debris is found in the Nether completely surrounded by Netherack

How to craft a Netherite Ingot

Once you have four Ancient Debris, it’s almost time to craft a Netherite Ingot. You will also need four Gold Ingots which you can easily find in the Nether by mining the gold ore blocks.

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You will also need to smelt the Ancient Debris in a furnace turning them into Netherite Scraps. Then you can put all four scraps and gold ingots into a crafting table to make one Netherite Ingot.

netherite ingot crafting recipeA Netherite Ingot is crafted using four Netherite Scraps and Four Gold Bars

How to craft Netherite Gear

The reason behind getting Netherite is to upgrade your gear to the highest level. Thankfully you don’t have to collect multiple Netherite Ingots to craft a single piece of Netherite armor.

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Instead, Netherite Ingots are used on diamond gear and tools to convert them into Netherite pieces. You can upgrade your diamond gear by placing it in a Smithing Table along with a Netherite Ingot.

Gear retains its enchantments after it’s been converted so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious buffs. In order to convert a full set of armor and four tools into Netherite you will need 32 Ancient Debris to make 8 Netherite Ingots.

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crafting netherite ingotYou can combine a Netherite Ingot with a Diamon Weapon to convert it

Not only are Netherite Tools faster and stronger than Diamond Tools, but they are also fire resistant. This means that fire and lava won’t destroy your items if they accidentally find their way into trouble.

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