Minecraft players create anti-Mojang propaganda to end “lazy” mob vote

Minecraft PropagandaMojang

Minecraft players have had enough of the Minecraft Live mob vote, to the point where they’re creating anti-Mojang propaganda to convince others to boycott the vote.

The Minecraft mob vote has been a staple of Minecraft Live for years, with players given the chance to vote for the next mob to arrive in the game. Last year it was the Sniffer, and in 2023, there could be the Crab, Penguin, or Armadillo, with some bringing new features to the popular game.

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However, the mob vote is rapidly declining in popularity, with many players labeling the feature “lazy” and “absurd.” Now, a large portion of the community is calling to boycott the vote, even making anti-Mojang propaganda to help their cause.

Minecraft players move to boycott “lazy” mob vote

Minecraft ArmadilloMojang

Sharing a series of altered historical propaganda on TikTok, one user has seen a vast amount of popularity as they fight to get the mob vote removed.

The series of posters gained a lot of support from the comments, with many highlighting how “The Revolution has Started this will be the End of The Mob Vote.” Others proposed ways Mojang could have worked to stop the boycott from happening, explaining how “they should have one update where they add all the features we lost.”

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The discussion then went over to Twitter, after one user shared the TikTok in question, prompting hundreds of comments discussing the impact of both the boycott and the upcoming mob vote.

One user explained the community’s sentiment perfectly, sharing how “the fact that they’re a year off and add like, two mobs, a few blocks, and some bug fixes is absurd. I’ve seen modders do that s**t in WEEKS. and then… they open a mob vote as if they can’t just add all three.”

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Others agreed with the user, explaining how Mojang could make the situation more favorable by “adding the rejected mobs later on (the vote itself just being which people want to see first).” The user then explained how they “feel everyone would like Minecraft a little more.”

Most of the sentiment is surrounded by players loving the new mobs, but finding it unfair that they have to vote for what gets added. One player explained how “It’s a strange way to design a game, to have the community vote on which mob to add, it seems to indicate a lack of actual proper artistic vision for the game. Designing a game by a mass vote rather than by what actually works best for the game.”

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Naturally, Minecraft is all about creative freedom and the ability to do what you want, but all the community wants is change to the age-old mob vote.

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