How to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: Recipe, uses, & crafting guide

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Minecraft has a variety of blocks players can use to create different buildings and structures and Smooth Stone is one of the most popular choices. Here’s exactly how you can make Smooth Stone in the game, and all the variants of the material that are available. 

The sandbox world of Minecraft is perfect for players who love to build and this is largely due to the amount of materials at your disposal. Stone is one of the go-to resources for building in the game, and Smooth Stone is particularly popular in the community.

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This resource can be used to create all kinds of unique designs but you need to have enough on hand before you can bring your creations to life. Thankfully, Smooth Stone isn’t too difficult to produce, and it can also be used to make further resources including bricks and slabs.

Here’s exactly how you can create Smooth Stone in Minecraft, and everything it can be used for in the game.


Minecraft castle

How do you make smooth stone in Minecraft?

To make smooth stone, simply smelt down some stone in a furnace. This will require you to have a furnace (which is made out of cobblestone) along with a fuel source like coal, charcoal, any wood products, or buckets of lava.

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Now, in the early part of the game, getting stone will be difficult because any stone mined without the Silk Touch enchantment will only yield cobblestone.

If you don’t have a Silk Touch pickaxe or cannot find any raw stone in your world, don’t worry. It’s quite easy to turn the cobblestone you mine into stone.

furnace minecraft

How do you turn cobblestone into smooth stone?

Now that you have the materials required to make the stone, the process for turning it is actually quite easy. If you have the stone already via a Silk Touch pick, you can simply start at the third step below.

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  1. Smelt your cobblestone into stone using a furnace.
  2. Wait for your cobblestone to be smelted into stone.
  3. Place that stone back into the furnace and smelt it again.
  4. Once this is done, you’ll receive the finished product of Smooth Stone.

How do you get smooth stone in Minecraft?

It is actually possible to find smooth stone in your Minecraft world. Smooth stone can be found inside chests in a mason villager’s house. They can also be found inside some village houses in the plains, savannah, and snowy plains biomes.

How do you make a smooth stone slab?

Smooth stone slabs are half-blocks in Minecraft which are best used for roofing and smaller-scaled locations. To make the slabs, all you’ll need is to place one smooth stone each horizontally across all three squares within a crafting table. Once crafted, and as shown in the image below, this will yield a total of six slabs.

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What else can you use smooth stone for in Minecraft?

There are no other smooth stone block variants, such as chiseled smooth stone or smooth stone stairs, but smooth stone is a valuable ingredient in creating a blast furnace.

Blast furnaces, which smelt ores like iron and copper much faster than a regular furnace, are a huge upgrade for your Minecraft base once you’ve reached the mid-to-late game.

To craft a blast furnace, simply arrange the smooth stone along the bottom row, with iron ingots on the remaining outside blocks and a regular furnace in the middle. You can see how the materials are arranged in the image below.

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Blast Furnace Crafting

So there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

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