Minecraft could be adding Wolf Armor in Minecraft Live Mob Vote

Minecraft ArmadilloMojang

Announced as part of the 2023 mob vote, Minecraft players could be getting Wolf Armor in the next update, as long as they vote for a certain mob.

Minecraft Live is a yearly staple for the classic game. The stream details exciting new features for the next major update and lets the players vote for the new mob. Last year, it was the Sniffer, an ancient creature you could only find through an egg. Once hatched, they found brand new plants which can be turned into dye, or placed in plant-pots.

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Now, three new mobs could potentially be coming to Minecraft, with one offering a new resource that could be a lifesaver for those who love grabbing a pet to explore by their side.

Minecraft players could get Wolf Armor in next update

On October 4, 2023, Mojang revealed the second mob that could potentially be coming to Minecraft if the playerbase chooses to vote for it. The first mob announced was the Crab, and the second was the adorable Armadillo.

The video containing this announcement revealed that the Armadillo would drop Scutes for the players, which can then be used to make armor for tamed wolves. This would likely work in a similar way to Turtle Scutes, but how the Armadillo drops their resource is yet to be seen.

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The new armor is another major step in Minecraft and will likely be a highly anticipated feature should the players choose to add this mob to the game.

Naturally, there’s no telling whether the Armadillo will be the mob the community chooses, especially given the other creatures and their perks. However, if this adorable animal is added, tons of players will be quickly gathering their dog army and scouring all the available biomes and seeds for adventure.

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