How to download and install Optifine for Minecraft 1.20.1

An image of Minecraft characters.Mojang

One of the most popular mods for improving Minecraft’s visuals is Optifine, and here’s how you can install it for Minecraft 1.20.1.

Minecraft features a lot of fantastic mods for players to download and their purposes range from adding mythical creatures like Dragons into the game, turning it into a Stardew Valley-inspired farming experience, and making things more challenging with treacherous environments.

If you would rather use mods to improve Minecraft’s visuals, however, there are also plenty of options but one of the most beloved is the Optifine mod. It’s a simple but effective mod that improves the game’s frame rate, lightning, and graphical performance.

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Here’s exactly how to install the Optifine mod for Minecraft.

An image of Minecraft characters.Mojang
Optifine is one of the many mods players can install for Minecraft.

How to download and install Optifine for Minecraft 1.20.1

To download the Optifine mod for Minecraft for Windows and Mac simply follow the steps below:

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  1. Visit the mod’s official website and navigate to the downloads page.
  2. Find the download link that’s applicable to your platform of choice.
  3. Hit ‘download‘ and the .jar file for the mod will download.

Once the mod has been downloaded, you can install and run it in the game by doing the following:

  1. Once the file has been downloaded, find the file on your computer.
  2. Run the .jar file and the installation wizard will open.
  3. Make sure the installer is directed at your ‘.minecraft‘ folder.
  4. Once Optifine is fully installed, open the Minecraft launcher, select the ‘Java Edition‘, and finally click on the Optifine mod by using the dropdown menu that’s located to the left of the ‘play‘ button.

There you have it. That’s everything you need to know about how to download and install the Optifine in Minecraft, once the mod has been installed your game’s visuals should be significantly improved. For even more Minecraft content, check out more of our guides below:

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