Best Minecraft house ideas: Castles, treehouses, mansions, & more

Minecraft House IdeasMojang

Minecraft has a lot of great ideas for creating houses but coming up with concepts can scratch can still be difficult so we’re here to lend a hand with a curated list of the best ideas for your next Minecraft house, including modern designs, survival homes, and mansions.

There’s almost endless potential for creating houses in Minecraft, especially with fresh biomes and blocks being regularly added to the sandbox title it can be even more overwhelming.

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Whether you prefer a cozier space or a massive house, your dream design will ultimately depend on your own taste and thanks to the number of materials available in the game you can create almost anything from a charming farmhouse to a secret underground base.

If you want some great blueprints for houses, or you’re just looking for some new inspiration, here are the very best Minecraft house ideas in 2023.


Minecraft Mansion

modern Minecraft Mansion buildBrandon Stilley Gaming
This Minecraft mansion is one of the many fantastic modern Minecraft house ideas for survival or creative mode.

When it comes to creating a magnificent Minecraft mansion, you must create one that stands out in the landscape and looks visually impressive. With this incredible build, you’ll be able to do exactly that.

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The building itself comes with a design on the inside and the outside, as well as a relaxing pool in the back, as all mansions should have.

Minecraft Wooden House

Minecraft easy house idea wooden cabinGreg Builds
This is one of the best cute Minecraft house ideas and is a great house to try out.

While slightly smaller than the mansion, this is a great easy house to build in Minecraft. It’s crafted out of easy-to-find resources and looks beautiful.

Thankfully, this build is more than just a house design, it comes with a large basement, a beautiful balcony, and enough room to keep your bed, chests, and an enchantment table comfortably inside.

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Minecraft Castle

Minecraft cool house build castleMojang
Rule over your Minecraft world with this awesome castle.

Medieval castles have it all – they look cool, house a considerable amount of space, and often use easy-to-find resources, making them perfect easy Minecraft houses.

Complete with tall pointed towers, a cute courtyard, and some moody lighting, this beautiful build is exactly what you’re looking for if you want an awesome Minecraft house idea.

Minecraft Underground House

Underground Minecraft house survivalMojang
Stay hidden in style with this underground Minecraft house idea for survival.

When it comes to playing Minecraft survival, sometimes it’s important to stay hidden from monsters, or other players. That doesn’t mean you can’t hide in style, however. Especially if it looks like this underground home.

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With a hideable cross-shaped glass roof and enough space for all your crafting needs, it’s the ideal build for beginners and is one of the best Minecraft house ideas for survival.

Minecraft Treehouse

Minecraft easy house tree houseMojang
Watch over the land from a majestic Minecraft treehouse.

Nothing beats living a little closer to nature in a fantastic treehouse especially when it looks as amazing as this one.

The trickiest part of this build is undeniably finding the perfect tree. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to create balconies, large rooms, and so much more, all with easily located resources. Ultimately, this is one of the best cute Minecraft house ideas you must try out if you find yourself in a forest.

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Minecraft Farmhouse

Minecraft cute house farmhouseMojang
Live your cottage dreams with this cute Minecraft house idea.

This is another cute Minecraft house idea that would be one of the easier Minecraft house ideas for survival. It’s a cozy and easy-to-build farmhouse filled with greenery and an adorable interior.

The best thing about this farmhouse is that it’s a fantastic small Minecraft house idea for those wanting something easy to build and easy to use.

Minecraft Modern House

modern house ideaMojang
Live well with one of the best modern Minecraft house ideas.

While there are plenty of houses to build under the cute category, others may be looking for a more modern Minecraft house idea.

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This home is exactly that. It uses an open-plan modern villa-style house filled with glass, plants, and space. It may be a challenging build but this is one of many fantastic modern Minecraft house ideas well worth the effort.

Minecraft Medieval House

Medieval houseMojang
Live out history with this Minecraft Medieval house.

This fantastic Medieval house is a smaller house idea than the previous Minecraft castle. It’s quicker to build and much easier to find resources.

With that aside, this is still a unique and beautiful Minecraft house idea, especially if you need a good tower to place your Anvil or Enchantment table.

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Japanese-Inspired House

Japanese minecraft mansionMojang
Enjoy layers of building with this cute Minecraft house idea.

If you love Japanese architecture and want to embrace the beauty of some handcrafted Cherry Blossom trees and pools of fish then this is the perfect cute Minecraft house idea for you.

It’s tough to build but undeniably worth it if you want to impress your friends or just live in luxury. We recommend you download the BSL shader, which was used in the video below to get the true design effect.

Underwater Base

underwater houseMojang
Make sure you find a lot of open water for this underground modern Minecraft house idea.

This is one of many unique modern Minecraft house ideas and is perfect if you’re looking to live in the deep blue sea. It may be challenging but this build has it all from crops to a bedroom and storage space.

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On top of that, the resources required can be found in survival mode, making it a fantastic Minecraft survival house idea, if you’re willing to do a bit of material gathering.

If you are, this will be a fantastic house and the perfect build for those looking for a more watery challenge.

Spanish Villa

spanish villaMojang
This cute Minecraft house idea will be perfect for sunny days.

Complete with a pool, multiple balconies, and a 20th Century Spanish flare, this home will feel beautiful in any location.

It’s a relatively easy build, if not a little long, and will give you everything you need in a cute Minecraft house, while still being impressive enough to stand out across the landscape.

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Minecraft Beach House

beach houseMojang
Live by the sea with this beautiful Minecraft beach house.

Sitting directly on the shore, this is a more modest Minecraft house idea that still looks beautiful. It’s filled with easy resources, making it great for a Survival Minecraft house, and can be placed anywhere, although does look better by the sea.

If you’re looking for an easy Minecraft house idea while still having that beauty, this is the beach house for you.

Simple Modern Minecraft House

Simple Modern Minecraft houseMojang / Mr Mirror
Live in style and simplicity with this awesome Modern Minecraft house.

While perhaps not a huge Minecraft mansion, this fantastic Modern house is perfect for anyone looking to build a great house in survival, or if you’re relatively new to following build guides or creating buildings like this one.

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Either way, with easy-to-find blocks, a simplistic style, and a minimalistic interior, you can impress your friends with ease when creating this cool modern Minecraft house.

So, there you have it, those are our picks for the best Minecraft house ideas for you to use and add to your world! Don’t forget to tweak these builds to your preference or use them as inspiration for your own projects.

For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out our guides below:

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