Minecraft Live 2023: Every creature revealed for the mob vote

Minecraft mob voteMojang/Microsoft

Voting opens for this year’s Minecraft Live mob vote on October 13; here’s every creature developer Mojang has shown off.

Mojang hosted a similar poll in 2022, letting the Minecraft community choose between three different mobs that would be added to the game. The following creatures were in the running – Rascal, Sniffer, and Tuff Golem.

When it came down to the wire, the Rascal and Sniffer represented the fan-favorite candidates. Ultimately, Sniffer won the day, arriving in the overworld with Minecraft’s 1.20 update.

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Now another set of potential mobs will be voted on during the upcoming live show. Mojang plans on sharing details about the candidates piecemeal for the next several days.

In a Minecraft blog post, Mojang revealed its intention of showcasing all three mobs over the course of three days. The first took center stage on October 3, with the remaining two creatures entering the spotlight on October 4 and October 5.

As such, players will be fully informed of the possibilities by the time the Minecraft Live vote gets started on October 13.

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The first mob vote selection is the crab:

If the crab joins Minecraft, it’ll make a home for itself around the vines of the mangrove swamp biome. The crustacean’s giant claw should prove beneficial to players who like building since finding one will be useful for “placing blocks further away.”

A video showcasing the crab in the wild appears below:

The second mob vote selection is the armadillo:

Should the armadillo win the mob vote, players will find it lurking around the arid savannah biome. Not unlike real-world armadillos, this Minecraft creature will roll into a ball when taken by surprise.

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It’ll drop “special scute,” too, according to a blog post, which teases the new Wolf armor users will be able to create with it. Essentially, the wolf armor will provide four-legged pets with an extra layer of defense.

Get a closer look at the armadillo in the following teaser:

The second mob vote selection is the penguin:

Mojang has announced the third and final mob vote option, the penguin. This friendly mob resides in the stony shores biome, where players will either find it waddling along the beach or exploring the ocean if it wins the vote.

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The penguin should navigate the land and sea comfortably, though clumsiness will affect its on-ground movements. And like the other mob vote ideas, this creature introduces a special skill to Minecraft as its elegance in the water will help boats travel much faster.

A sneak peek at the penguin features in the video below:

When does mob voting open and close?

The mob vote for Minecraft Live 2023 opens on Friday, October 13 at 1:00 PM EDT, then closes roughly 48 hours later at 1:15 PM EDT on Sunday, October 15.

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Community members will have the ability to cast their votes in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition‘s live event server. Voting through the Minecraft Launcher and Minecraft.net represent other options.

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