PS5 Slim: Price, features & where to buy new PlayStation 5 model

PS5 Slim removable disc driveSony / Dexerto

Sony has officially unveiled a new PlayStation 5 model, which is the long-rumored PS5 Slim. It will be released in November 2024, starting at $449.

The Sony PlayStation 5 is the most powerful console the company has ever released. However, several years on, Sony has refreshed the hardware with a new PS5 model design, that’s sleeker and slimmer than before.

But that’s not all, while the Japanese tech giant has already revealed the PlayStation Portal, a remote portable gaming console, they’re also rumored to be working on a PlayStation 5 Pro.

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The new PlayStation 5 model is set to replace the current design, once all of the older-generation models are sold out. The device will come with the long-rumored detachable disc drive, in addition to being 30% smaller and 18-24% lighter than the previous launch model. The heavily rumored refresh even got picked up by Microsoft’s legal team.

The new console will be released in two variants, one with a disc drive, and one without. The model without a disc drive will retail for $50 cheaper than the standard variant.

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PS5 Slim price: How much is the new PlayStation 5 model?

PS5 Slim Digital and Disc editionsSony / Dexerto

The new PlayStation 5 model, also known as the PS5 Slim, will start at $449 for the Digital Edition variant. The standard model will retail for $499. Gamers will have to pay $50 more for a UHD Blu-Ray drive or purchase it separately for $79.99.

Pricing for all regions is as follows:

RegionPS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drivePS5 Digital Edition
Japan (Inc. Tax)¥66980¥59980

The original PS5 Digital Edition retailed for $399, meaning that the PS5 Slim actually represents a bump in pricing for this particular model.

Sony recently increased the price of the PS5, and we’re not seeing any kind of discount on the new revision, unlike prior to the PS3 and PS4 Slim models. This feels like somewhat of a missed opportunity for Sony, as Microsoft has an ace up its sleeve.

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The Series S is a low-cost variant of the Series X, losing its 4K capabilities and disc drive in favor of a diskless, cheaper alternative.

However, Sony won’t release a console that eliminates performance and would be able to factor in a cost reduction as PCIe 4.0 drives, and the AMD parts inside get cheaper sometime next year.

PS5 Slim features: New PlayStation 5 model includes removable disc drive

Ps5 Slim models shown on grey backgroundSony

The new PlayStation 5 model will feature the heavily rumored detachable disc drive, in addition to an all-new chassis. It looks a bit like if a PS5 went on a diet, with sweeping cutouts. Images of the new console first surfaced in August.

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But, that’s not all, the console’s SSD has now been slightly upgraded from 825GB to 1TB. Additionally, you will have to purchase a horizontal stand for the new console separately. Sony will begin selling it for $29.99 USD at launch.

The console will also house a modular disc drive, which can be purchased separately for $79.99, if you pick up the digital edition of the console.

The new console will come with two USB-C ports at the front, including one 10Gbps port, while the rear of the console will sport two USB-A ports. The rest of the system will support up to AX WiFi, though it would have been nice to see an upgrade to WiFi 6E.

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New PlayStation 5 model release window

Sony’s new PlayStation 5 model, unofficially known as the PS5 Slim will launch in November 2023. The company has not yet announced a specific release date.

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Previously, Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson suggested that Sony might be looking to introduce this compact PS5 later this year and the company might be eyeing a September launch.

The PS5 itself launched in 2020, with a 2023 launch putting it in line with the previous console generations. The PS4 Slim and the PS3 Slim were both launched three years after their inception.

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Meanwhile, the PS2 Slim was launched in 2004, four years after the original, and the PS One was launched nearly six years after its first release in 1994.

Will the PS5 Slim be more powerful than the normal PlayStation 5?

The PS5 Slim will not be more powerful than the current PS5, as previous rumors suggested.

This should be known news, as this happened with each of the previous Slim versions. In fact, for the PS3, features were removed from the newer console like PS2 backward compatibility and Linux support.

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It would also fracture the player base too much. As with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, if the games are to be released on the platform, they need to work across the board. This would presumably continue with the PS5 Slim, which would probably – as mentioned above – feature the same parts, but be cheaper on Sony’s end.

Where to buy the new PlayStation 5 model

The new PlayStation 5 Model, unofficially known as the PS5 Slim, will first be released at PlayStation Direct. Following this, Sony is expected to launch the console at additional retailers, much like how the PlayStation VR2 was released.

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The rumor mill went into overdrive before the announcement

Previous leaks revealed the new curvy and compact design of the upcoming PS5 Slim and show off a potentially modular. The cutouts on the side panels house the modular disc drive upgrades that the console was rumored to have.

X / Twitter

Another leaker hinted that the PS5 Slim would be shorter by 5 cm than the PS5, and that it will come with two USB Type C ports at the front to facilitate easy connectivity to wired controllers.

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Previous reports hinted that the new PS5 Slim will feature a detachable disc drive and a new chassis, and they were absolutely correct.

It could be presumed that this leaked ‘PS5 Slim’ would achieve its smaller size by eliminating the disc drive entirely in favor of an external one. This would give Sony the option to completely cut down on the design that the current versions have opted to use.

While necessary for heat dissipation of the internals, the PS5 was criticized for being far too big when it was revealed and launched.

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Current PS5 revision

Recently, the PS5 got a revision. While this happens frequently in hardware, the PS5’s changes were particularly interesting as Sony changed the internal layout of the device. This lightened the load by 300 grams and 200 grams on the Digital Edition.

The changes would also presumably help Sony fight off the ongoing semiconductor shortages after the last few years scuppered production. By eliminating the disk drive, resources could be put into generating as many consoles as possible and selling the disc drive on its own.

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