Overwatch 2 players enraged at new Diablo 4 skin prices as devs lock them in premium bundle

Lilith Moira in Overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players have quickly become enraged by Season 7’s Diablo 4 skin prices which are exclusively sold through a premium Battle Pass bundle. 

Upon teasing Season 7 of Overwatch 2, the devs revealed a new skin for the game unlike any other. That skin being Lilith Moira for the new Diablo 4 crossover with various other Halloween-themed skins. 

From a whole new Diablo 4-inspired game mode, Trials of Sanctuary, to returning seasonal game modes, and even a rework to Sombra and Roadhog coming with the season, the update is jam-packed. But players aren’t exactly thrilled in the early runnings.

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With Season 7 now live on the servers, players are enraged that Lilith Moira, a skin heavily used in its marketing, is only available through a premium $40 Battle Pass bundle. 

A post on the Overwatch 2 subreddit pointed it out first: “The skin that was the focus point of advertisements for this Season is exclusive to the $40 bundle. Good job Blizzard.”

The bundle, which is the Ultimate Battle Pass bundle, is a more expensive version of the Battle Pass which usually includes several skins, other cosmetics, and bonus Overwatch coins with it. For the time being, it appears this bundle is the only way to acquire the new cosmetic.

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Naturally for some players who may only have wanted to buy Lilith Moira, they will now have to purchase the entire bundle to get the skin. 

“Saw the Moira and Pharah skin in the trailer and was excited for the first time in a long time,” one player said. “Some of the best looking and only skins for them in a long time and it’s of course locked behind a sh**ty bundle.” 

Other players pointed out that the price of the bundle was almost as expensive as Overwatch was on its release in 2016.

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As for whether Lilith Moira will ever be sold as its own cosmetic, it is unknown for now. Though as Lilith Moira was billed as an exclusive skin for Season 7’s Diablo 4 Halloween crossover, it seems unlikely.

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