Counter-Strike 2’s HUD changes leave players nostalgic for CSGO’s old display

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Counter-Strike 2 brought many innovations, but its HUD changes have left players longing for the simplicity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s iconic interface.

The revamped Counter-Strike 2 showcases a series of upgrades: crisper graphics, retooled maps, and a host of other improvements. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Players have been navigating a minefield of game-breaking bugs, glitches, and other in-game issues.

To their credit, Valve has been on their toes, swiftly addressing some of the glaring issues. The hitbox misalignment debacle and the broken surrender feature? Fixed.

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But amid these patches, a glaring omission has left players scratching their heads: the return of the old HUD that clearly displayed the alive player count.

A recent Reddit thread threw this issue into the spotlight. “Why is this still missing from CS2?” questioned a community member, who shared an image of CS:GO’s old display.

Counter-Strike 2’s revamped HUD, while sleek, seems to prioritize aesthetics over functionality. Player avatars, health bars, and post-round stats take center stage, relegating the simple counter that tracked how many players were still standing to a small text-only solution near the top of the screen.

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The community was quick to join in and agree with the sentiment shared by the original player, with comments like, “It’s so needed. Anyone that has a B&W or faded pfp just looks dead at a glance when they’re alive.” Another chimed in, “I feel like I’ve to focus and spend so much more time ‘counting’ who’s alive. And I know that there’s a ‘5v5’ like text on the middle of the screen but I just can’t get used to it.”

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While players brainstorm workarounds, like using the “hide enemy profile pictures” option, players are left wondering: Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

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