Gordon Ramsay blasts Kitchen Nightmare’s In the Drink as “dreary funeral home”

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.FOX

Gordon Ramsay hurls out plenty of insults in various episodes of Kitchen Nightmares. This time, he compared a restaurant called In the Drink to one of the most depressing places ever.

When Gordon Ramsay doesn’t like something about one of the restaurants he visits, he never shies away from sharing his opinion.

Most of the time, he focuses on the food being served. Other times, he criticizes the general vibe and ambiance of an establishment.

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Season 8, Episode 3 of Kitchen Nightmares certainly included tons of criticism from Gordon about different food items on the menu, but he also had a lot to say about the way In the Drink looked on the inside. At one point, he called the restaurant a “dreary funeral home!”Here’s exactly why he felt that way.

Why did Gordon Ramsay call In the Drink a “dreary funeral home”?

Gordon Ramsay Kitchen NightmaresFacebook
Gordon Ramsay working with Carlos on Kitchen Nightmares.

After patiently waiting for hours inside In the Drink to have a face-to-face chat with the owner, Jorge, Gordon was growing increasingly frustrated. Finally, Jorge came out to meet him and seemed extremely nonchalant about everything going on inside his restaurant.

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Gordon pointed at a patch of mismatched paint on one of the walls. While the majority of the walls inside the restaurant were painted a light shade of gray, there was a random patch of white near some of the tables and windows.

Jorge jokingly asked if Gordon liked it. To that, Gordon responded by saying, “It looks f***ing stupid! The drive coming in this course is beautiful… to this dreary funeral home!”

In other words, golfers who are driving up to the restaurant are expecting an upscale dining experience, yet they end up facing a significant let-down once they’re inside.

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Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.DIRECTV
Gordon Ramsay speaking with In the Drink staff.

Jorge tried to play it off by saying he was fully aware the restaurant could do with some decorations, but Gordon wasn’t having that. He told Jorge the only thing saving the restaurant was great service coming from top-notch staff.

Since In the Drink is presently located at a country club golf course, it should represent the golf course in a better light. Clientele that’s willing to pay for luxurious experiences wants to enjoy food in restaurants that are classy and up to par – no pun intended.

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