How much do Hell’s Kitchen contestants earn for appearing on the show?

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Hell’s Kitchen contestants must take time off work, lose contact from their families, and work 15-hour days to be part of the show. Are they being paid for all of that?

Have you ever wondered how much Hell’s Kitchen contestants earn for appearing on the show? They have to be willing to deal with brutal criticism from none other than Gordon Ramsay.

That scary realization alone isn’t the easiest thing to stomach. They also have to be willing to embarrass themselves on national television where millions of viewers are tuning in.

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The contestants who are willing to sign up for Hell’s Kitchen are obviously passionate about their craft. They’re ready to do whatever it takes to make it in the restaurant business. But how much are these contestants actually getting paid? Here’s what we know.

Hell’s Kitchen contestants earn a small weekly stipend

Hell’s Kitchen contestant from the Blue Team.

According to TheRichest via Mashed, contestants on Hell’s Kitchen receive a “modest salary” while filming the show. Unfortunately, a true breakdown of how much they’re actually earning has never been revealed.

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ScreenRant notes that major reality TV shows like Big Brother pay contestants $750 per week. Since Hell’s Kitchen is arguably just as popular of a reality TV show in comparison, there’s a possibility the contestants are earning a similar amount.

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That would mean they’re taking home between $750 and $1,000 each week of filming. Since the contestants have to take breaks from their real jobs in order to film Hell’s Kitchen, it’s important that they’re still able to earn money along the way.

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The contestants work 15-hour days while filming since loads of content needs to be caught on camera for production. Along with taking a break from all of their day jobs, Hell’s Kitchen contestants don’t have access to their cell phones, the internet, or any ability to connect with their family members.

Hell’s Kitchen contestants on the Blue Team.

It’s a slightly isolating experience, so walking away with a weekly stipend after filming is an absolute must.

In plenty of episodes of Hell’s Kitchen, contestants are filmed bawling their eyes out after getting harshly judged by Gordon. It’s good to know they walk away with at least a little bit of cash after going through such a grueling process.

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