Kitchen Nightmares fans think Nadia should be in charge at In the Drinks

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Nadia is an In the Drink employee who spent nine years proving her dedication and loyalty. Her hard work didn’t go unnoticed by fans of Kitchen Nightmares.

One of the servers featured on Kitchen Nightmares Season 8, Episode 3 garnered a lot of attention from fans. Nadia is a long-time employee at In the Drink who has been loyal to the business for nine long years.

During this particular episode, it seemed that her loyalty wasn’t exactly acknowledged by the restaurant’s dismissive owner. Gordon Ramsay spent much of his time pointing out the disrespect he noticed from In the Drinks’ owner towards his servers on staff.

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Social media users wholeheartedly agree with Gordon! Most people who are invested think Nadia deserves more. In fact, some viewers, believe Nadia deserves to immediately be given a raise! Here’s what everyone is saying about her and her sense of loyalty on Kitchen Nightmares.

Nadia is a fan favorite on Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen NightmaresNewsbreak
Gordon Ramsay talking to Nadia and other In the Drink staff.

Anyone who has seen the third episode of Season 8 knows that Nadia is a dedicated worker who cares about the success of In the Drink.

Social media users can agree that she deserves a lot more respect than what was witnessed on the show. The good news is that before the end of the episode, she was offered a general manager position. It’s definitely an upgrade from her server title.

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One person on Reddit wrote, “Nadia better get a f***ing raise now that she’s GM, since she was doing that job before.” As the general manager of In the Drink, it’s only right that she would be offered more money by her boss!

On Facebook, someone posted, “Congratulations Nadia. So well deserved for such a loyal individual!” They even added a few supportive emojis.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a third person wrote, “Someone get me in contact with Nadia from Kitchen Nightmares I got a business proposal emphasis on the proposal.”

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The tweet was obviously meant to be playful and flirtatious, but the sentiment still stands – Nadia is totally beloved by Kitchen Nightmares viewers. There’s no word yet on if she’s been given a raise to go along with her new title.