CSGO and Valorant legend mixwell announces retirement from pro play

Mixwell announces retirement from VALORANTTwitter: Mixwell

Team Heretics announce Óscar ‘mixwell’ Cañellas’s retirement from professional Valorant before the start of the 2024 VCT season.

As one of the initial franchise teams for EMEA, Team Heretics started out strong by building its roster around former G2 Esports member mixwell. Although the team struggled to perform despite the all-star talent on the roster.

Heretics were one of the first teams eliminated from VCT LOCK IN and would proceed to only win two matches against Giants and Karmine Corp during their time in the league. Prior to joining Heretics, mixwell had made the jump from CSGO to Valorant on G2 Esports where he had only slightly more success than his time on Heretics.

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After three years competing in Valorant with less than impressive statistics, mixwell will be hanging up the mouse. Although his future in esports and gaming is currently unknown as he has not specified whether he will be returning to CS2, pursuing content creation, or something else entirely.

mixwell retires from Valorant on a sour note

mixwell first got his start in CSGO in early 2014 where he played in small C-Tier tournaments before eventually getting his shot on the big stage with OpTic Gaming in 2016. OpTic was mixwell’s home for over a year before he eventually switched to G2 Esports and then Movistar Raiders.

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The Spaniard’s legacy in CSGO was cemented as a great AWPer despite only lifting a S-Tier trophy once in his career. With the release of Valorant, mixwell jumped ship to the new game with the hopes of having greater success. However, that was not the case.

Three years spent with Valorant has only resulted in two international tournaments and a few secondary tournament wins.

OpTic Gaming CEO Hector Rodriguez wished him luck on his future endeavours, which prompted one fan to tell him to “bring [mixwell] home.” With mixwell’s large fan base there is a potential for him to pursue content creator or streaming, whether that will be for OpTic Gaming or someone else, remains to be seen.

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Though he may not have been able to create a new legacy for himself in Valorant like he did in CS, his tenure as an esports pro will no doubt mark him as an all-time great.