Modern Warfare 3 PC Beta gets FPS boost & more with Nvidia driver update

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Modern Warfare 3’s PC Beta is getting an FPS boost and reduced latency thanks to DLSS 2 and Nvidia Reflex.

It’s officially that time of the year where Activision has begun offering beta events for the next Call of Duty game.

For 2023, it’s Modern Warfare 3, and the PC beta is set to begin on October 12 with early access and all other platforms’ Open Beta starts on October 14.

Nvidia’s latest Game Ready Driver sets PC gamers up with DLSS 2 and Nvidia Reflex, boosting performance for beta players.

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Nvidia update boosts performance for MW3 Beta

In a blog post, Nvidia has confirmed that Modern Warfare 3’s beta will include DLSS 2 and Nvidia Reflex, while the full launch on November 10, 2023 will receive DLSS 3 as well.

DLSS 2 is a welcome addition to the game’s beta, as it gives a sometimes massive increase to FPS across the board, depending on the resolution you’re playing at.

1080p, for example, could get a boost of over 50% when DLSS 2 is active while gamers at 1440p or 4k might see closer to 20-25% boost.

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Nvidia is also adding their Reflex software into the game, which will reduce latency across the board. Pair that with a high refresh rate monitor and a suitable graphics card like the RTX 4080, and you’ll be sitting quite swell.

This update also gives players better compatibility with Forza Motorsport, Lords of the Fallen, and more. Head over to GeForce Experience or Nvidia’s website to download the new driver now.

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