Project Astrid: Everything we know about shroud’s AAA survival FPS game

shroud working on Project AstridYouTube: Splash Damage

Project Astrid, a survival FPS game from superstar gaming figures shroud and Sacriel, is now in the works as the two have paired with a UK studio to make an ambitious AAA title in the space. From early gameplay details to a look at the team involved, here’s everything we know thus far.

More and more influencers are jumping into the game development side of the industry of late. From DrDisrespect’s DEADROP to Project X from 100 Thieves, and Project Honor from OTK, many of the internet’s biggest gaming stars are attaching their names to homegrown titles. Now, two more have joined the ranks.

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Streaming veteran Sacriel and FPS icon shroud have teamed up with a UK-based developer to create their very own AAA release. Focusing on the survival genre with crisp FPS gunplay at its core, Project Astrid is shaping up to be their “dream” game.

Although it’s still early into the development roadmap, we already have a good idea of what to expect from the upcoming release, so here’s all there is to know about Project Astrid.

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Project Astrid: When is Shroud’s new survival game coming out?

Currently, Project Astrid doesn’t have a solid release date nor a rough release window. Given the ambitious AAA title was only just unveiled in March 2023, it’s still early days yet. However, those involved have shared some insight into just how far along the game already is.

Project Astrid has already been in the pipeline for “almost two years,” shroud revealed on stream shortly after the announcement. Both internet celebs have been involved over the course of that period as early development has been underway.

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This could indicate a potential 2025-2026 release if the team is beginning to knuckle down with full development now that it’s public. However, much remains unclear about their plans for launch, meaning we could see an early access build go live much earlier, or be left waiting for the finished product down the line.

We’ll be sure to keep you posted here as any further release date details are nailed down for Project Astrid.

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Do we know what platforms Project Astrid will release on?

At this point in time, there’s no telling what platforms Project Astrid is targeting for release. While PC appears to be a lock, given shroud and Sacriel’s history in the space, it’s unclear if fans on console can expect a version of the game across Xbox and PlayStation hardware.

Historically, the studio bringing Project Astrid to life has focused on PC development, meaning we’ll more than likely see the survival FPS arrive there first. As for what comes down the line, however, is anyone’s guess for the time being.

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Sentinels shroud before his official debutSentinels Twitter
shroud’s history as one of the sharpest aimers with a mouse in-hand indicates a PC release is all but guaranteed for Project Astrid.

What is Project Astrid? New game from shroud & Sacriel explained

In basic terms, Project Astrid has been described as an open-world survival shooter, but with a AAA twist. Think along the lines of DayZ or Escape from Tarkov, titles with an emphasis on open-world exploration, looting, and crisp FPS gunplay. That’s the key focus for shroud and Sacriel, just with a flair not yet seen in the space before given their AAA capabilities.

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“Make the best game ever, that’s my goal,” shroud said in the reveal video. Discussing it further, he then went on to call it his “dream” game, combining all his favorite elements from titles he’s become synonymous with over the years. Be it the “really important” gunplay mechanics found in the likes of CSGO, or intense survival features across industry staples like EFT, shroud is looking to bring it all together in a way “not really seen in the industry before.”

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Specifics in regard to setting, lobby sizes, and the like are all being kept under wraps for now. Though one thing shroud has clarified right out of the gate, is that Project Astrid will not be reliant on NFTs.

“There’s gonna be no frickin’ NFTs in Project Astrid,” he confirmed. “It’s not happening.”

Shroud working on Project AstridYouTube: Splash Damage
shroud & Sacriel have been in meetings at least twice a week for the past two years getting Project Astrid off the ground.

Who is developing Project Astrid with shroud & Sacriel?

Project Astrid is being developed by London-based studio Splash Damage. Founded in 2001, the UK team is responsible for the likes of Dirty Bomb, Brink, and even having worked on major IPs like Halo and Gears of War, specifically working on PC ports and multiplayer components respectively.

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Setting the bar high, shroud assured Project Astrid is “definitely a AAA game” due to the sheer size of Splash Damage. With over 450 in-house employees and a further 100 acquired in the recent purchase of Bulkhead studios, there’s no shortage of talent working to bring this new game to life.

What engine is Project Astrid being built on?

While exact gameplay details are scarce for now, we do know for certain the game is being built from the ground up on Unreal Engine 5. Shroud himself confirmed as much while live on Twitch shortly after the project’s big reveal.

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“What engine? It’s being built on Unreal Engine 5,” the popular streamer revealed. As the latest developer toolkit from Epic Games, UE5 is being adopted by many industry-leading studios and now we know Splash Damage is no different.

That’s all we know about shroud’s very own survival FPS now in development, but be sure to check back often as we’ll update you here with all the latest details as they emerge.

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