One Piece chapter 1095 spoilers: Shanks’ and Kuma’s bloodline revealed

One Piece chapter 1095 spoilersCrunchyroll

The manga will have a shocking revelation this week. Here are the release date and possible spoilers for One Piece chapter 1095.

One Piece’s recent chapter was extremely surprising, as fans finally learned the demonic powers of Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Gorosei. As the highest authority in the World Government, all five members of Gorosei are second to none.

Since not many know about the existence of Imu, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Five Elders are akin to a sovereign. In the recent chapter, we finally see the real form of Saturn’s devil fruit awakening after he enters Egghead Island using a summoning circle.

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His zoan form resembles a Ushi-oni, yōkai, from the folklore of western Japan. As the recent chapter wasn’t shocking enough, One Piece chapter 1095 is going to be even more mind-boggling as fans will learn about one of their favorite characters.

One Piece chapter 1095 release date and time

One Piece chapter 1095 is expected to release on October 15 at 12:00am JST. The chapter will be available across various time zones as soon as it’s released in Japan. You can find your time zone below:

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  • 8:00am Pacific Time
  • 11:00am Eastern Time
  • 4:00pm British Time
  • 5:00pm European Time
  • 8:30pm Indian Time
  • 11:00pm Philippine Time

One Piece chapter 1095 spoilers: What will happen

Previously, we saw Bonney rushing forward to stab Saturn in the chest. The chapter also revealed that Kuma’s transition into Pacifista wasn’t voluntary – just as Bonney has been insisting all this while. It’s almost certain that Saturn (or all Gorosei) gave the order to Vegapunk, whereas the latter was clearly hesitant to carry out the plan.

And Bonney seems to know about the conversation. However, judging by Saturn’s demonic appearance and gigantic size, it’s unlikely that Boney’s attack will stop him. The upcoming chapter will feature Saturn and his true powers.

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One Piece chapter 1095 will also reveal Kuma’s race and Shanks’ connection to Saint Garling Figarland. In his younger days, Garling looked exactly like Shanks, which proves they’re related by blood. Shanks being a Celestial Dragon makes sense, considering his connection with Gorosei.

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Additionally, Kuma belongs to a “Buccaneer race” who has the blood of the giants, making them extremely strong. A few years ago, Kuma’s identity was revealed to the World Government, so his entire family had been turned into slaves. Kuma’s race has also passed down the legend of Sun God Nika for generations.

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The chapter will also reveal a flashback of God Valley, where the Celestial Dragons held a tournament among different races. It’s a hunting competition held every three years on islands that are not associated with the World Government. It determines the termination of races.

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