Marvel fans have found Loki Easter egg from the comics in Season 2 already

Sylvie from Loki and Asgard in Braxton, OKMarvel Comics/Marvel Studios

Loki Season 2 kicked off with a bang, but its mid-credits scene potentially sets up a popular comic storyline that moved the city of Asgard to rural Broxton, OK. 

The season premiere of Loki took the unusual step of ending with a mid-credits scene. It’s only the second Disney+ MCU show to end its premiere with a mid-credits scene, following last year’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

The brief scene shines some light on set photos of Sylvie in a McDonalds with ‘70s decor. While we still don’t get a clear answer as to what caused Loki’s time-slipping, we do find out what happened to Sylvie after she killed He Who Remains. 

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Long-time comic fans got a little more out of the scene, though. Specifically, where Sylvie winds up is a huge nod to the Thor comics and potentially sets up a major comic book event. 

Loki Season 2 debuts Broxton, OK, potentially bringing a new Asgard to the MCU

Stepping out of the time portal, Sylvie arrives at a McDonald’s in Broxton, Oklahoma. For comic book fans, Broxton, OK, is where Thor would restore Asgard. 

The story occurs in 2007’s Thor #2. By this time, Thor had been “dead” for years following the Ragnarok event. When he returns, he eventually arrives in Broxton, OK. There, Thor summons the Asgardian citadel and places it in an empty field before setting off to find the surviving Asgardians. 

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Thor relocates AsgardMarvel Comics
Following his revival, Thor relocates the city of Asgard to Broxton, OK.

The juxtaposition of the other-worldly Asgardians with the folksy people of Broxton led to many issues over the years. Usually, it was as simple as the Asgardians being unfamiliar with mortal politics. However, the Asgardians and Oklahomans typically respected each other and got along well. 

Asgard would reside in Broxton, OK, for years following the issue. After Loki manipulated Norman Osborn into invading Broxton to lay siege to Asgard, it would be rebuilt with Iron Man’s repulsor technology as Asgardia. It would also be relocated to space; it currently is said to exist in orbit around Saturn. 

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In the MCU, some of the story was given to New Asgard, where the Asgardian people reestablished themselves on Earth at the site where Odin passed. Given Sylvie presumably does not have access to the Odin force, it seems unlikely she would have any desire or ability to relocate or rebuild Asgard. Still, ending the Loki premiere in Broxton seems too specific a nod and almost certainly hints towards something looming in the distance for Asgard. 

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