The Devil’s Plan: All eliminations so far

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Netflix’s The Devil’s Plan persists on its treacherous journey to eliminate contestants mercilessly via a sequence of mind-bending challenges, resulting in tears and heartache.

But the round only led to two players being sent to prison and no elimination. The Prize match was a fun twist on figuring out puzzles. While some players gained an advantage of more pieces, no prize money was added due to losing the game. In The Devil’s Plan , the stakes were high as the twelve contestants were divided into teams, hoping to gain an advantage.

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While there were two teams and each member trying to help one another, only one person was the first to be eliminated in The Devil’s Plan. As the games continue, more and more contestants have gone home, and has others questioning their tactics.

Bad decisions led to the first elimination in The Devil’s Plan

The Devil's Plan starred poker player Guillaume Patry.Netflix

The first to be eliminated of the twelve contestants in The Devil’s Plan was Guillaume Patry.

After the first set of Main Match and Prize games, Guillaume had the most pieces and joined forces with Lee Si-won, Ha Seok-jin, and Kim Dong-jae. The second Main Match was the Rules Race. Each contestant used colored blocks to create a cause-and-effect sentence. It would activate during the game and give them an advantage. For example: if a player leaves prison during the game, the player who made the rule gets an escape prison card.

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There were two dice, one to roll as normal, and a special dice to use by trading a card. The players would roll the dice and advance depending on the number they landed. They could also roll to land in prison. If in prison, they could only leave if they landed on the “leave prison” side of the dice. If a player advances to the “office,” with the help of their team, they can change the group rule.

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It proved early on that Guillaume and his team were at a disadvantage as their personal rules had no action clauses and did not benefit them. The other team had multiple players with the same rule, allowing them to receive multiple escape prison cards. As the game progressed, Guillaume and his team often found themselves in jail as the others advanced.

But there’s a trick. The only way for Guillaume to survive was if he won 10th or 11th place. The tenth place would give up one piece, while the 11th would give up three. Last place would give up five. Guillaume had four pieces.

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By the end of the Rules Race, Guillaume was up against Dong-jae. Both were in prison and needed to roll to leave. Dong-jae escaped prison and later rolled a two. In the end, Guillaume never left prison with Dong-jae rolling his way to victory and safety. Dong-jae later felt guilty having believed his actions hurt his teammates.

A game of lies leads to two devastating eliminations in The Devil’s Plan Episode 6

Going into the next Main Match, Dong-hae and Hye-sung were seen as the underdogs and sent home during the Secret Numbers game.

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Dong-jae, Seok-jin, Si-won were in the lead with the most pieces going in the game. The Secret Numbers game required the contestants to uncover clues to figure out their own and each other’s numbers to be safe from elimination. For this round, Dong-jae decided not to stick to his usual team and work more with Yoo-min and Hye-sung. He felt it would be easier to gain the trust of the underdogs to figure out more clues.

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It became incredibly clear that Dong-jae was seen as the enemy by everyone else. But even Yoo-min began to doubt his motives and the possible information he was keeping from them. Near the end of the game, a lie circulated to Yoo-min through ORBIT and Kyung-lim that Dong-jae revealed her numbers to everyone else.

They urged her that he betrayed her and to give up his information. In a battle of trust, Yoo-min decided to use one of her cards with ORBIT to discover the missing pieces of information. When seeing Yoo-min leave the dealer room with ORBIT, Dong-jae quickly questioned her. She had used her card with another team.

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Scenes revealed that the other teams convinced her that Dong-jae likely betrayed her. At the same time, Hye-sung was also under the impression ORBIT was helping her, to only get thrown under the bus. The final score revealed that Dong-jae never betrayed Yoo-min or Hye-jun. Yoo-min had ultimately sunk her own team and led them to their elimination in The Devil’s Plan.

The Go Player loses in a game of strategy and Tetris

During the Laying Grass game in The Devil’s Plan, Yeon-woo is eliminated after realizing her position in the game would leave her without pieces.

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The Laying Grass game was seemingly suited for a professional Go player like Yeon-woo. The objective was to create the largest territory using Tetris-like pieces. A bigger territory meant more the more pieces won. Both Yeon-woo and Si-won decided to join forces to try and strategize the better territories.

As the game progressed, Yeon-woo began to see flaws in her strategy and holes in her territory. But the game came with a betrayal. By the final round, she purchased a tile piece to create the 5×5 territory to remain safe and only go to prison. Meanwhile, Seok-jin decided to buy a piece to gain his robbing advantage to secure his 5×5 square. While the other contestants urged him to take a piece from someone with a 6×6 square in order for them to only go to prison, Seok-jin went for the jugular.

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Seok-jin ultimately robbed Yeon-woo of the square she recently purchased to stay safe. The move led to her elimination in The Devil’s Plan.

One of The Devil’s Plan contestants was eliminated in prison

Both Si-won and Seok-jin had concocted a plan to be sent to prison together after the Tetris game, but the the fruits of their labor led to an unexpected elimination.

Confiding in each other, both actors went to prison together. Si-won had plans to uncover what the hidden pincode safe was for and thankfully, Seok-jin had the answer. Using the pieced-together pieces, he revealed a message saying, “Next Year.” The two soon realized 2024 was the code for the safe and revealed a Secret Chamber. The message on the door eluded salvation or elimination, with only one contestant being able to enter every day.

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Behind a door were two creepy staff members. In a game of Blind Gomoku, the contestant will either win and gain 10 pieces or be eliminated immediately. Si-won was the first to enter the chamber. But in a stroke of bad strategy and memorization, she lost the game and was eliminated from The Devil’s Plan.

Equation Hi-Lo led to four contestants being eliminated in The Devil’s Plan

Heading into the final games, the seven remaining contestants dwindled to three by the end of Equation Hi-Lo which was played for over seven hours.

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With Si-won gone, Seok-jin re-entered the Equation Hi-Lo game having won 10 pieces from the Blind Gomoku game. The rules of Hi-Li are complex but led to the most eliminations in the entire series. Once a player had no more chips to play with, they were booted out.

After multiple rounds, Kyung-lim was the first to be eliminated. The game continued with tension until Yoo-min was eliminated, followed by Seungkwan and Joon-bin. Hi-Lo ended with Seok-jin, Orbit, and Dong-joo advancing to the final Prize Match.

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A game of Four Player Three in a Row determined the two finalists

With Orbit, Dong-joo, and Seok-jin as the remaining three, the Prize Match resulted in Dong-joo’s elimination from The Devil’s Plan.

The three contestants worked together against a unknown guest plyer, Kim Sa-rang. She’s the youngest-ever Korean national chess player. Orbit, Dong-joo, and Seok-jin had come up with a plan to help figure out what color the mystery player was using. Based on pre-determined plays, they figured out the mystery player.

While having worked together for a majority of the rounds, the fourth round led to Dong-joo’s elimination due to an error in play. Orbit had placed his red piece in the wrong spot. He was meant to place his red piece in between Sa-rang’s two blue pieces for Seok-jin to place his yellow on top. Without the red piece to start, Dong-joo’s green pieces was useless.

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With only two stacked pieces in between her set blue pieces, Sa-rang placed her final blue piece on top of the green, securing her win. As a result, Dong-joo had the fewest final pieces and was eliminated.

The final games determined The Devil’s Plann winner

After Dong-joo’s elimination, the grand prize was between Seok-jin and Orbit in The Devil’s Plan finale, with the actor taking home the win.

It’s the scientist versus the actor in The Devil’s Plan finale. Seok-jin and Orbit took part in two out of the three final games. To start, they played Nine Men’s Morris where the onjective was for one player to eliminate the other players pieces in each round. The player who won the most rounds wins that game.

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After a lot of sweat and thinking, Seok-jin won the Nine Men’s Morris game. They soon entered the Hexagon game where the they had to memorize numbers and try to give the right lettered answer to match the Target number.

To find the winner, each player had to get the right sequence for a point. If they were wrong, they lost a point. At the same time, they must find all possible patterns. By the end of The Devil’s Plan, the countless hours of playing fried Orbit’s thinking abilities. While tied with Seok-jin at six points, a failed answer lost him one with Seok-jin getting a point from answering correctly. As time passed, Orbit was unable to find another pattern and lost the Hexagon game.

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With Seok-jin having won two of the three games, Orbit was eliminated in The Devil’s Plan finale, with Seok-jin as the winner.

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