Best Amazon October Prime Day gaming mouse deals Prime Day deals 2023

Prime Day mouse deals

Your gaming mouse might be wearing a bit thin. Get ahead of the holiday sales with Prime Day in October and get a new one!

We’ve reviewed quite a few mice over the last year, and while we’ve settled on some favorites, there’s plenty we’ve not talked about.

Prime Day is coming and will bring with it a bounty of sales for the plethora of gaming mice available. Getting a gaming mouse is often not at the top of everyone’s lists, with prices varying wildly, and there’s just more important stuff to get.

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We’d recommend looking out for things like the Razer DeathAdder V3 Pro, which we’ve given two lots of five stars to. Meanwhile, for those deep into their esports, lightweight mice will be what you’ll want to seek out.

Esports gaming mouse Prime Day deals

Gaming mouse Black FridayLogitech

Lightweight, simple, and essentially the “core” gaming mouse experience is what you’ll find in the esports market. There’s no need for extensive button layouts, or really anything aside from a couple of buttons on the side.

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The main things you want to look out for are sensitivity and customization options – either physical or software-based. This will be key depending on what game you play, with FPS players probably wanting something that lets them have a better sense of granular control over their mouse.

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Gaming mouse Prime Day deals

A gaming mouseUnsplash

For those just after a good gaming mouse, you will absolutely find something that you want. MMO players, look out for things like the Razer Naga, and single-player or boomer shooter fans, there’s going to be a slew of devices.

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Wireless or wired, we’re expecting gaming mouse deals to permeate through every hardware manufacturer that makes one.

Prime Day mouse mat deals

There’s no better time of the year to grab yourself one of those all-encompassing desk mouse mats. Gaming mice live and die by that smooth surface, and we love the ones we have right now.

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